Efficiency of Adipex 37.5mg

Efficiency of AdipexEfficiency of Adipex 37.5mg was confirmed by results of clinical studies and long-term post-marketing observations, lasting for over 20 years. Analyzing the data of trials, we may conclude that benefits of Adipex greatly exceed its potential risks.

High efficiency of Adipex 37.5mg is caused by the fact that it helps to control the appetite even when other anorexigenic drugs (like Bontril or Belviq) turn out to be ineffective.

The proof of efficiency of Adipex 37.5mg is that its retail sales are annually growing. Even in the presence of Adipex generic drugs, doctors keep prescribing their patients namely Adipex 37.5mg.

No less important causes of growth in Adipex sales are that this drug has a competitive price and that its producer (Teva Pharma) has a reputation of a reliable supplier of qualitative and cheap generic drugs.

Thanks to the active promotion and marketing of Adipex 37.5mg (Phentermine) on the U.S. market, this drug became one of the most popular Phentermine-containing drugs in the USA.

These days (in 2015), Teva have a great success in competing many other large manufacturers of generic drugs, including the pharmaceutical companies that import Adipex generic drugs from India.

Unlike Teva Company, which invests money into advertising of brand Adipex, Indian pharmaceutical companies promote generic versions of Adipex under the International Nonproprietary Name – Phentermine Hydrochloride.

Efficiency of Adipex and FDA-approved Adipex generic drugs are absolutely identical. Therefore, choosing between Adipex and Adipex generic drugs, you can compare only their prices.

Please note that you should compare the price of one tablet or capsule, but not one pack of Adipex and one pack of Adipex generic version. Only this way you will manage to find out an approximate cost of one-day anti-obesity treatment, using different but bioequivalent weight loss drugs.