Duromine vs Clenbuterol

Similarity between Duromine and Clenbuterol is that both these drugs are included in the group of sympathomimetic amines. Just as Duromine, Clenbuterol may promote weight loss. However, Duromine was approved in Australia as an obesity treatment more than 20 years ago, but Clenbuterol has never been sold in Australia.

• Obese patients take Duromine as an appetite suppressant, which helps adhere to hypocaloric, low-fat diet.
• Clenbuterol is more known among Australian athletes who want to “burn” excess fat and to increase muscle mass.

The results of clinical studies demonstrate that Clenbuterol can actually stimulate the synthesis of muscle protein and promote fat burning.

However, large-scale clinical studies of Clenbuterol have not been conducted and this sympathomimetic amine has never been approved by TGA. Thus, unlike Duromine diet pills that are sold at Australian pharmacies by prescription only, to buy Clenbuterol legally in Australia is almost impossible.

• Sale and purchase of Clenbuterol is banned because this sympathomimetic amine may cause potentially dangerous side effects. Many of Clenbuterol side effects are similar to Duromine side effects.

ClenbuterolThe most common side effects of Clenbuterol include: headache, insomnia, depression, nervousness, hypertension, tachycardia, convulsions, increased appetite, increased sweating.

Despite the fact that Duromine causes almost all the listed side effects, its benefits exceed potential risks to the health of obese patients. Therefore, since the early 90s of the last century, Duromine remains one of the most prescribed weight loss products at Australian pharmaceutical market.

The potential danger of Clenbuterol lies not in that a long-term influence of this drug on the human body has never been studied. By analyzing a few reports on Clenbuterol use, it can be concluded that this drug promotes progressive cardiovascular pathologies, including increase and degeneration of the heart muscle.

Thus, even in the absence of cardiovascular risk factors, bodybuilders and obese people who want to lose weight quickly should refrain from the use of Clenbuterol-containing drugs.

Use only well-studied drugs to fight obesity, for example Duromine weight loss drug. If you want to buy Duromine but have never taken this drug, find out from your doctor or pharmacist what categories of patients this drug is contraindicated.

What is Clenbuterol used for?

Today, Clenbuterol is actively used to treat respiratory diseases in horses. One of the few countries where Clenbuterol is used in veterinary is Canada.

Bronchodilator syrups, Respipulmin (by Modern Veterinary Therapeutics) and Ventipulmin (by Boehringer Ingelheim) containing very low doses of Clenbuterol are available on Canadian market.

• Each ml of Respipulmin syrup contains Clenbuterol 25 mcg. Respipulmin (Clenbuterol) bronchodilator syrup for horses is supplied in bottles of 355 ml.
• Each ml of Ventipulmin syrup contains Clenbuterol 72.5 mcg. Ventipulmin syrup is supplied in plastic bottles of 100 and 330 ml.

Clenbuterol-containing drug is available in Canada by prescription only. Supply of Ventipulmin and Respipulmin syrups in the USA, Australia and many other countries is prohibited.

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