Duromine safety

Many obese people have no contraindications to Duromine drug. However, there are also groups of people for whom the potential risks of Duromine exceed health benefits. Beginning to take Duromine, an obese person should remember that conditions for Duromine withdrawal could arise just a few days after the start of anti-obesity therapy.

Immediate cessation of Duromine use is required in the cases when this psychostimulant causes severe cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and psychiatric side effects.

• Symptoms of serious cardiovascular side effects of Duromine are chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations.
• Potentially dangerous psychiatric side effects of Duromine are anxiety, insomnia, and psychosis.
• The most severe gastrointestinal side effects of Duromine can be abdominal pain and vomiting.

Severity of Duromine side effects depends on the taken dose. The higher the daily dose of Duromine, the higher the risk of severe side effects. In some cases, the severity of side effects depends on the frequency of Duromine use, rather than the size of the psychostimulant dose. Obese patients may be advised:

• Regular use of Duromine capsules (once a day, twice a day, once every 48 hours)
• Irregular use of Duromine capsules (for example, only when more than one gluttony attack occurs during the day)

weight-loss-motivationThose who have never taken psychostimulants suppressing appetite should start anti-obesity therapy with a minimal dose of Duromine 15mg. In the absence of pronounced side effects, Duromine dose can be increased up to 30 or 40 mg (in some countries Duromine 40mg capsules are not available). If side effects are mild after applying the maximum daily dose of Duromine, the course of obesity treatment can be continued.

The presence of obesity-related diseases can affect Duromine safety. For example, people prone to depression are at higher risk of psychiatric side effects than people without a history of mental illness.

Often, Duromine is absolutely safe and well tolerated only in the case if other prescription or over-the-counter drugs are not taken during the drug therapy of obesity.

Only doctor should assess the balance of efficiency and safety of Duromine. To properly evaluate the balance of benefits and risks of Duromine, both the study of the disease history and carrying out of diagnostic tests may be required.

Comprehensive medical examination is necessary in order to eliminate all possible risks associated with Duromine use and to make sure that there are no contraindications to this anorexigenic drug.

If you want to make sure that Duromine will help you to lose weight without causing potentially dangerous side effects, consult your doctor. Before to visit the doctor, you can get information about side effects and contraindications to Duromine use by email.

If you have one or several contraindications to Duromine use, you will not manage to get a prescription for this psychostimulant. In this case, you should discuss with your doctor the possibility of using safer anorexigenic drug to fight obesity.