Duromine Review

Duromine is a brand name of one of the most popular prescription anti-obesity drugs Phentermine. Right holder of brand name Duromine is company iNova Pharmaceuticals (since December 2011 iNova has become a part of company Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc.). Pharmaceutical company iNova manufactures Duromine oral capsules in wide dosage range. Regional pharmaceutical market allows to buy:

  • oral capsules Duromine 15mg (equivalent Phentermine 15mg)
  • oral capsules Duromine 30mg (equivalent Phentermine 30mg)
  • oral capsules Duromine 40mg (equivalent Phentermine 40mg)

Duromine Appetite Suppressant

Uniqueness of Duromine capsules is that they contain Phentermine as an ion-exchange resin complex which dissolves only under the influence of cations that are in the gastrointestinal juice. After reaction with cations, Phentermine is released from the ion-exchange resin complex and begins to exert pharmacological effect (to suppress appetite).

Given that cations concentration in the gastrointestinal juice does not change throughout the whole day, Phentermine is released from the resin complex at the same speed. Depending on cations concentration in the gastrointestinal juice and their activity, Phentermine is released from the resin complex permanently within 10-14 hours after using Duromine capsule.Herewith, it should be noted that within 10-14 hours, anorexigenic effect of Duromine drug persists at the same level.

Besides Phentermine ion-exchange resin complex, each Duromine capsule contains inactive pharmaceutical ingredients: lactose; magnesium stearate; liquid paraffin; iron oxide black; gelatin; titanium dioxide; food dyes ( CI 42090, CI 15985, CI 77492, CI 45430 or CI 77491).

Indications to the use of Duromine capsules

Duromine is the only prescription drug containing Phentermine, which is prescribed to treat adolescent obesity in some countries.

  • In Australia, Duromine capsules containing Phentermine can be prescribed to patients from 12 years and older.
  • In the USA, drugs containing Phentermine (Adipex-P tablets or capsules) can be prescribed only to patients who are 16 years of age.

Regardless of patient’s age, Duromine capsules should be prescribed for short-term obesity treatment. Maximum recommended duration of using Duromine capsules is 3 months.

  • Duromine capsules can be administered to patients with BMI of 25 to 30 only in the case if obesity is a potential risk of development and progression of associated diseases.
  • Duromine capsules can be prescribed to patients with BMI of 30 and above even in the lack of potential risk factors.

Every patient, who is taking Duromine capsules, should understand that he will be able to achieve weight loss only in the case if he:

  • sticks a healthy diet;
  • tries to change eating behavior;
  • daily finds time for physical activity.

Duromine Review

Remember that there are a lot of contraindications to the use of Duromine drug, as well as severe side effects may occur after its use. Obese patients who have ever experienced depression symptoms or anxiety disorders should pay special attention to these facts.

Duromine (like any other drug containing Phentermine) stimulates the CNS, so it should not be taken by patients with depression history. If a person, suffering from obesity experienced or experiences depression symptoms, anxiety, psycho-emotional disorders, he should be prescribed diet pills without pronounced influence on the CNS functions.

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