Duromine in Malaysia

Duromine pills are sold in many countries around the world, including Malaysia. Duromine is the only Phentermine-containing drug available at Malaysian pharmacies in 2015.

Just as in other worldwide countries, one can buy Duromine in Malaysia by prescription only. In 2015, Duromine 15mg and Duromine 30mg diet pills are sold in Malaysia. These diet pills are supplied in a pack of 30 pieces each.

The National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB), Ministry of Health Malaysia registered:

• Duromine 15mg pills – under the number «MAL14035017ACR»
• Duromine 30mg pills – under the number «MAL14035007ACR»

Duromine 40mg pills are not sold in Malaysia. Obese Malaysians can find Duromine 40mg pills only on online pharmacies. In 2014-2015, it was registered several cases of illegal import of Duromine 40mg pills to Malaysia.

Import and sale of Phentermine-containing drugs not registered by NPCB are prohibited. Thus, buyers may not get their order when buying Duromine (Phentermine) 40mg pills online in Malaysia.

malaysia-weight-lossThe only authorized supplier of Duromine in Malaysia is iNova Pharmaceuticals (Singapore) Pte Ltd (incorporated In Singapore) Malaysia Branch. This company supplies in Malaysia Duromine pills manufactured by Douglas Manufacturing Limited.

The information about Duromine price in Malaysia can be found in reviews of obese Malaysians taking these diet pills. You can learn from the visitors of obesity forums not only about Duromine price, but also about the results that can be achieved by means of these diet pills.

Moreover, the information about Duromine in Malaysia is published in social networks (Facebook as well). However, do not trust this information. Quite often, authors of the reviews about Duromine in Malaysia are people who have never taken drugs for the obesity treatment.

If you decide to order Duromine in Malaysia, make sure that the online pharmacy guarantees the delivery of this drug to your city. If you have no a real opportunity to buy Duromine without a prescription, use natural slimming pills to fight obesity that can be delivered to any country all over the world.

Effective and safe alternative to Duromine may contain several active components at once, such as:

• herbal appetite suppressant
• thermogenic herbs
• herbal fat burner

By choosing over-the-counter alternative to Duromine, remember that natural slimming pills help to achieve the maximum results only in regular use within a few months.