Duromine Generic drugs at Asia-Pacific market

iNova is not the only supplier of Phentermine drug at pharmaceutical market of Asia-Pacific region. iNova competes with several pharmaceutical companies, such as Trenker and Osmopharm.

Phentermine by Trenker

Pharmaceutical Laboratories Trenker manufactures capsules that just as Duromine capsules contain Phentermine as resin. Trenker manufactures oral capsules containing 15mg and 30mg of Phentermine Resinate.

You can buy weight loss capsules by Trenker company under the proprietary name Phentermine Trenker. These capsules are imported to Asia-Pacific countries from Belgium.

• The color of Phentermine Trenker 15mg capsules – white and green, opaque (marking: “TRK”, “P 15”)
• The color of Phentermine Trenker 30mg capsules – white and red, opaque (marking: «TRK», «P 30»)

Besides capsules containing Phentermine, Belgian company – Trenker supplies weight loss tablets and capsules containing an anorexigenic agent, Diethylpropion at Asia-Pacific market.

• White round tablets containing Diethylpropion Hydrochloride 75 mg are sold under the trade name Dietil Retard.
• Blue-yellow capsules containing Diethylpropion Resinate 75 mg are sold under the trade name Atractil.

Just as Phentermine-containing drugs, tablets and capsules containing Diethylpropion are sold by prescription only.

Phentermine by Osmopharm

osmopharmPharmaceutical company, Osmopharm manufactures Phentermine weight loss capsules sold under the proprietary names Panbesy and Phentermine Osmopharm.

Unlike to Duromine and Phentermine Trenker capsules containing Phentermine Resinate, Panbesy and Phentermine Osmopharm capsules contain Phentermine Hydrochloride.

Osmopharm supplies at Asia-Pacific pharmaceutical market

• White-pink, opaque Phentermine Osmopharm15mg capsules (marking «OS 15», «OS 15»).
• Red-white, opaque Panbesy 15mg capsules (marking «P 15»).
• Blue-white, translucent Panbesy 30mg capsules (marking «P 30»).

If you have been prescribed with Duromine capsules but they are expensive in your city, it is quite possible that cheap Phentermine-containing drugs (generic version of Duromine) are sold under alternative proprietary names in your city. If you decide to buy cheap Duromine generic online, make sure that it can be delivered to your region before placing the order.

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