Duromine efficiency

Before Duromine diet pills came into the market, they were well studied. In the development and clinical trials of Duromine pills, the employees of 3M Pharmaceuticals company (now 3M is a part of iNova) were participated.

After the successful completion of clinical trials, their results were sent to a study in the Ministries of Health of many countries. One of the first health authorities studied the results of Duromine clinical trials was Medsafe (New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority).

By studying the trials results, Medsafe employees have concluded that the benefits of Duromine use exceed potential risks to the health of obese patients.

The results of clinical trials have demonstrated that it is possible to reduce body weight by 5-15% of initial one when using Duromine and observing all conditions of anti-obesity therapy.

It should be noted that efficiency of Duromine and efficiency of obesity therapy are different concepts.

Duromine efficiency

thin-girlEffectiveness criterion for Duromine is its ability to suppress appetite. Majority of obese people experience the reduced appetite already after the first dose of Duromine. However, some people may experience tolerability to anorexigenic effect of Duromine.

In the presence of tolerability to Duromine’ anorexigenic effect, it is impossible to control appetite and to limit the daily calorie intake. Therefore, people with diagnosed tolerability to Duromine’ anorexigenic effect should choose alternative drugs for obesity treatment.

Tolerability to anorexigenic effect most often develops in those who abused or abuse Duromine. When Duromine dosing regimen is not observed, the central nervous system stops to respond to its pharmacological activity.

Therefore, patients with a history of psychostimulant abuse do not manage to control appetite even after using the maximum daily doses of Duromine.

Other drugs used during the drug therapy of obesity may affect Duromine effectiveness. For example, after using Duromine pills and a drug from the group of phenothiazines*, Duromine efficiency significantly decreases.

Thus, before using any prescription or nonprescription drugs together with Duromine, consult a doctor or pharmacist.

*Trade names of phenothiazines: Compazine, Compro, Largactil, Levoprome, Mellaril, Modecate, Mymethazine Fortis, Nausetil, Permitil, Phenergan, Procalm, Procomp, Prolixin, Promapar, Prometh Plain, Promethegan, Remsed, Serentil, Sonazine, Stelazine, Stemetil, Stemzine, Thorazine, Trilafon, Vesprin, Zipan.

Effectiveness of anti-obesity therapy

To achieve the maximum weight loss by means of Duromine, necessarily adhere to a hypocaloric diet. Balanced diet increases the effectiveness of anti-obesity therapy and promotes the metabolism normalization.

Those who stick to the balanced, low-calorie diet, the risk of weight regain is lower than in those who do not try to normalize the eating behavior. Thus, diet should be an integral part of weight loss program.

For rapid weight loss, it is not sufficient to take Duromine appetite suppressant and to adhere to the balanced diet. Level of physical activity has the same significant influence on therapy effectiveness as diet and Duromine.

Low or moderate physical loads are recommended for obese people taking Duromine. The maximum effect is achieved when at least 15 minutes a day is devoted to physical loads.