Duromine effects

Besides that Duromine diet pills suppress appetite, they can influence physiological systems, internal organs and mental health of the person. Reduced appetite, increase in thermogenesis and metabolism are therapeutic effects of Duromine that help significantly to lose weight in just a few weeks.

Apart from therapeutic effects, Duromine can cause side effects including undesired impact on the functions of cardiovascular system.

• If side effects of Duromine do not create a serious threat to health, anti-obesity therapy can be conducted without any restrictions.

• If Duromine causes severe side effects, special precautions can be required during the obesity treatment.

Duromine effects: fertility

PregnancyDuromine pills have been studied for weight loss for over 20 years and their impact on fertility is well studied. The results of studies demonstrate that Duromine does not affect the female reproductive function. Therefore, the chances to become pregnant prior anti-obesity therapy are the same as after the end of using Duromine pills.

Duromine does not affect the sperm morphology and male reproductive function, but can cause erectile dysfunction. Despite the fact that Duromine pills do not affect the male fertility, some men lose the ability to conceive after the start of using them.

If a woman gets pregnant during the drug therapy of obesity, she should stop using Duromine pills and inform the doctor about the pregnancy. To evaluate the Duromine effect on the fetus, the doctor will prescribe the woman a series of diagnostic tests. Only after the results of these tests, the doctor can recommend to keep or terminate the pregnancy.

To terminate pregnancy in the first days after sexual act, emergency hormonal contraception can be used. If a woman taking Duromine finds out she is pregnant a few weeks after sexual act, she should discuss with her treating doctor the optimal method of contraception.

To prevent unwanted pregnancy during the drug therapy of obesity, men and women taking Duromine should use reliable contraception methods.

Duromine effects: teeth

Duromine does not destroy tooth enamel and does not cause tooth decay, but causes dryness in the mouth. Because of saliva deficiency in the oral cavity, dental plaque is very quickly formed on the teeth because of which the diseases of teeth and gums can develop.

In order to prevent undesirable Duromine effects on the teeth health, chewing gum, regular tooth brushing and mouthwashes can be used to stimulate salivation.