Duromine effects on pregnancy

About 80% of pregnant women take medications that can cross the placenta and affect the fetal development. Some medications are prescribed during pregnancy to stimulate a normal fetal development. However, majority of medicines used during pregnancy are necessary to maintain the health of the pregnant woman.

Medications that have a negative effect on the fetal development are contraindicated during pregnancy. However, only in individual cases, the use of potentially dangerous medications during pregnancy is allowed. Herewith, medical therapy is conducted under the constant supervision of the treating doctor.

Duromine effects on pregnancy

Duromine is one of the few medications, which is contraindicated in pregnant women, however in rare cases it is used during pregnancy.

Pregnant women take Duromine only in the cases if overweight or obesity creates serious risks for their health or fetal health.

According to the Australian classification of potential risks to pregnant women, Duromine is included in B2 category. In the USA, Phentermine-containing medications are included in X category.

It should be noted that at various stages of pregnancy, Duromine has different risks to the fetus.

Duromine poses the greatest risk to the fetus in the first trimester of pregnancy when embryonic cells are actively dividing, and physiological systems and organs are formed and rapidly developed.

  • During the embryonic period, Duromine can cause birth defects that are the main cause of infant mortality in Australia and other developed countries.
  • After the end of the embryonic period, Duromine may cause developmental delay and functional immaturity of the fetal organs.

Potential risks of Duromine for mother and fetus depend both on the pregnancy trimester and on the dose used. The higher Duromine dose is, the higher the risk of disruption of the normal development of the fetus.

Herewith, the use of the maximum daily dose of Duromine between fertilization and implantation of the egg can cause miscarriage.

Women of childbearing age using Duromine should remember that during the first two-three weeks after conception they might not know about their pregnancy.

Therefore, in order to prevent the birth of a child with congenital defects, sexually active women should:

  • Take a pregnancy test and verify the absence of pregnancy before using Duromine.
  • Use reliable contraceptive methods during Duromine use.

If before the drug therapy of obesity, the test confirmed pregnancy, you should discuss with your doctor the possibility of using over-the-counter weight loss supplements, absolutely safe for the health of the mother and unborn child.