Duromine and obesity treatment in children

Overweight children using Duromine need a regular medical supervision. The purpose of this supervision is to support the motivation to lose weight and to prevent obesity complications. In addition, the doctor’s supervision helps to reveal potentially dangerous side effects that Duromine may cause timely.

Obese children with formed dietary stereotypes are better to use Duromine away from the home environment. To that home environment does not cause to mind any irrational dietary habits, the doctor can recommend to start an anti-obesity treatment in the clinic.

Being under a constant supervision of the doctor, a child can keep the hypocaloric diet and Duromine dose regimen much easier than on his own. The purpose of early anti-obesity treatment in the clinic is:

• To reduce the body mass by 5-10% from the initial weight
• To reduce the risk of obesity complications
• To increase tolerance to physical exertion

Many doctors hospitalize a child only if he is diagnosed a severe obesity or if he has some obesity complications. In excess weight or moderate obesity, a child is recommended to use non-medical weight loss methods, such as:

• Change the dietary habits
• Increase physical activity
• Refuse from excessive use of carbs and fats
• Increase the number of meals and reduce the servings

kid-fatIf non-medical anti-obesity treatment did not give a significant weight loss, a child is usually prescribed with a minimal daily dose of Duromine 15mg.

Starting the therapy with Duromine 15mg pills, a child should continue using non-medical methods of fighting obesity. Because if he does not keep a balanced, hypocaloric diet and does not do regular physical exercises, he can never lose weight quickly.

A successful weight loss is only possible if Duromine is used along with some steps:

• Normalization of eating behavior
• Increase in physical activity
• Improvement of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism

In Australia, Duromine is approved for obesity treatment in children older than 12 years. Regardless of the severity of a childhood obesity, it is recommended to initiate the drug treatment course with a minimal daily dose of Duromine 15mg. Later, Duromine dose for children can be increased up to 30mg. Overweight children under 11 years old (inclusive) have never participated in Duromine clinical trials.

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