Duromine alternative in South Africa

katineIf a patient has contraindications to Duromine (Phentermine) or it causes severe side effects, the doctor may prescribe diet pills containing a natural anorexigenic agent, d-Norpseudoephedrine. This active ingredient is more known under alternative name Cathine.

Just as Phentermine, Cathine is a powerful stimulant of the central nervous system. However, in contrast to Phentermine, which is a synthetic stimulant of the CNS, Cathine is a natural psychostimulant contained in the plant Ephedra.

The level of Cathine’ anorexigenic effect is lower than that of Phentermine, but many side effects are similar. Just as Phentermine, the natural psychostimulant – Cathine may increase blood pressure, the risk of cardiovascular events, and cause mental side effects.

In a single use of Cathine’ excessive dose, severe insomnia, psychotic reactions, hallucinations and euphoria may develop. Because of Cathine ability to cause euphoria, drugs containing this natural psychostimulant should not be prescribed in patients with a history of drug or alcohol abuse.

• Advantage of Cathine over Phentermine lies in a small number of contraindications (including pregnancy, breastfeeding, and use of MAO inhibitors).

• Disadvantage of Cathine over Phentermine lies in a large number of side effects. Even if adhered the recommended dosage of Cathine, this natural anorexigenic agent may cause headache, anxiety, depression, muscle weakness, difficulty urinating, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, cardiac arrhythmia, angina.

Because of Cathine ability to cause dependence, drugs containing this natural psychostimulant should not be used more than 4 weeks. Overestimate monthly the risks this natural active ingredient may cause.

Because of large number of side effects, the sale of diet pills containing Cathine is banned in most countries of the world. One of the few countries where Cathine-containing weight loss drugs are still sold, is South Africa.

At South African pharmacies, diet pills containing anorexigenic agent Cathine (d-Norpseudoephedrine) are sold under the proprietary names:

• Eetless, Nobese No 1, and Dietene (by Adcock Ingram Limited)
• ReliSlim (by Loock Pharmaceuticals)
• Leanor, Thinz, and Slenz (by Pharmacare Limited, a part of Aspen Pharma)

If you want to replace Duromine (Phentermine) by diet pills containing Cathine (d-Norpseudoephedrine), consult your doctor. Despite the fact that Cathine is natural anorexigenic agent, it may create the same health risks like Phentermine.

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