Duromine alternative in Malaysia

Two weight loss drugs containing Phentermine are sold in Malaysia. One drug is sold under the trademark Duromine, the other – under the trademark Adipex Retard. Both these drugs are sold in Malaysia by prescription only. Duromine and Adipex Retard drugs are included in one pharmacological group, but there are several differences between them.

• Pharmacological group and mechanism of action

Duromine and Adipex Retard are sympathomimetic amines with a pharmacological property to stimulate the central nervous system. Just as other sympathomimetic amines, these drugs stimulate some parts of the central nervous system (CNS).

By affecting the CNS, Adipex Retard and Duromine drugs reduce appetite, increase metabolism and cause cardiovascular effects. The duration of anorexigenic effect of these drugs depends on the dose size and may reach 24 hours.

• Pharmaceutical form and active ingredients

Duromine 15mg, Duromine 30mg, and Adipex Retard 15mg oral capsules are sold at Malaysian pharmacies. Dosage of active ingredient in a capsule is indicated in milligrams. Duromine capsules contain Phentermine resin, but Phentermine Hydrochloride is used in the production of Adipex Retard capsules.

• Manufacturers and suppliers

Duromine (Phentermine resin) capsules are manufactured by New Zealand company called Douglas Manufacturing Ltd. Trade license for Duromine in Malaysia was granted to a Singaporean division of the Australian pharmaceutical company – iNova.

Inova Medical GroupAdipex Retard (Phentermine Hydrochloride) capsules are manufactured by German pharmaceutical company called R. P. Scherer GmbH & Co., KG. License for Duromine sale in Malaysia was granted to Malaysian pharmaceutical company – Germax.

Adipex Retard and Duromine at the international market

• Duromine capsules were approved as an obesity treatment in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.
• Adipex Retard capsules were approved as an obesity treatment in Czech Republic and Australia.

Marketing status

• Duromine –RX only
• Adipex Retard –RX only

If you want to buy Duromine or Adipex Retard capsules but have never used Phentermine-containing drugs, consult a physician specializing in the treatment of obesity. If you decide to order Adipex Retard or Duromine online, ask a pharmacist of online pharmacy all your questions before making your order.

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