Drug interactions Adipex 37.5mg pills

Obesity poses a great threat for human health and can even provoke the risk of serious diseases. Thus, hypertension, diabetes and dyslipidemia are among the most common disorders that come along with obesity.

Each of the listed disorders requires a short or a long-term drug therapy.

• To cure diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia, drugs that can influence the effect of Adipex 37.5mg pills can be used.
• In addition, Adipex 37.5mg pills can reduce or increase the efficiency of other diseases treatment.

Before giving a prescription for Adipex 37.5mg pills, the doctor should carefully study a patient’s medical history, ask what drugs the patient is already using and recommend an optimal dose regimen of Adipex, taking into account all the risk factors.

Adipex 37.5mg pills in diabetes

obese patients with diabetesAfter the onset of using Adipex anorexigenic drug, obese patients with diabetes begin consuming much less sweet foods than ever. If diabetic patient does his best to comply with a healthy diet, then he consumes more vitamins, minerals and fiber, besides limiting the amount of sugary foods in his menu.

Given the fact that Adipex 37.5mg pills help to comply with hypoglycemic diet, after beginning to use them the diabetic patients manage to improve their glycemic control and reduce the need for insulin.

Thus, despite the fact that Adipex 37.5mg pills do not provide a hypoglycemic effect, diabetic patients might need to reduce the daily dose of some hypoglycemic drugs (like Metformin) and insulin soon after they start using these diet pills.

It is noteworthy that patients with obesity and diabetes are prescribed Adipex 37.5mg pills if their BMI is 27 or more. If obese patient does not suffer from diabetes, then he may get the prescription for Adipex 37.5mg pills, only if his BMI equals or more than 30.

Adipex 37.5mg pills in hypertension

Adipex may cause severe cardiovascular effects and enhance the blood pressure. Because of severe cardiovascular risks, Adipex 37.5mg pills should never be prescribed to obese patients with moderate, severe and uncontrolled hypertension.

Even if obese patients manage to take their hypertension under control by means of antihypertensive drugs, they should use Adipex 37.5mg pills with caution.

If maximum dosage – Adipex 37.5mg increases the blood pressure, it should be reduced to 18.75mg. If the blood pressure control is not improved after the reduction in Adipex dose, an overweight patient with hypertension is recommended to increase the dose of antihypertensive drug.

The correction of daily doses of Adipex and antihypertensive drugs should be carried out under the doctor’s supervision. If Adipex causes uncontrolled hypertension in hypertensive patients, they should stop using this weight loss drug.

In case obesity was diagnosed along with hypertension, a patient can get the prescription for Adipex only if his BMI equals or more than 27. As alternative to Adipex, overweight patients with BMI less than 27, should use some over-the-counter weight loss products.

Adipex 37.5mg pills in hyperlipidemia

If anti-obesity treatment should be carried out along with hyperlipidemia therapy, the daily dose of Adipex and antihyperlipidemic drugs should be selected for each case individually.

Adipex is one of a few anti-obesity drugs that help to start a strict low-fat diet in the very first day of anti-obesity therapy. Therefore, the level of blood lipids may greatly decrease during the first days of anti-obesity drug therapy.

Considering the fact that the level of lipids in the blood plasma may be reduced during the entire anti-obesity therapy, an obese patient with hyperlipidemia might need to change the daily doses of hypolipidemic agents from time to time.

To determine an optimal dose of hypolipidemic drugs, patients need to periodically assess the parameters of lipid profile. If weight loss helps to normalize the lipid profile, hypolipidemic drugs can be canceled before a patient stops taking Adipex 37.5mg pills.

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