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Slim Fizz

Slim Fizz is effervescent tablets for weight loss that have become popular in the UK since July 2015. The first reviews about Slim Fizz were published in the British tabloid Daily Mail. Due to the publication of Slim Fizz review in the very popular tabloid, thousands of obese men and women learned about new Slim

Diet pills similar to Acomplia

When some innovative drugs appear on market of prescription weight loss products, absolutely all pharmaceutical company begin studying the molecular formula of these drugs. Competing pharmaceutical companies study the chemical structure and composition of new diet drugs to create diet pills with similar mechanism of action. New diet pills are protected by patent within 10-15

Razin Review

Razin is a trade name of diet pills available on Israeli market of weight loss products. The original name of Razin pills in Hebrew – רזין. In the production of Razin diet drug, Phentermine anorexigenic agent is used. At Israeli pharmacies, people can buy Razin diet pills containing 15mg of active ingredient – Phentermine (in

Saxenda Review

Saxenda is a new drug approved by the FDA as an obesity treatment in December 2014. The developer of new anti-obesity drug – Saxenda is a multinational pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk. Just two months after Saxenda approval in the USA, this drug was approved as an obesity treatment in Canada, and after three months –

Saxenda dosing

Regardless of BMI level and obesity severity, Saxenda drug should not be used more than once daily. Saxenda injections are administered subcutaneously by means of special pen with the original dosing device. For each Saxenda injection, it is necessary to use new needles that are sold separately. In some states, a prescription can be required

Saxenda cost

The cost of innovative weight loss drug – Saxenda is very high. Therefore, the developer and manufacturer of Saxenda (Novo Nordisk) should not expect a rapid growth of its sales. In the USA, Saxenda cost is several times higher than that of other innovative drugs and several dozen times higher than that of slimming drugs

Duromine results

Using Duromine diet pills, different obese people achieve different goals. Someone is happy with the results in 4 weeks after he started using Duromine. But most often, the results achieved after a month of using Duromine are far from perfect. To assess the Duromine results, doctors recommend weigh yourself and monitor the changes of your

Duromine QA

• Can I use Duromine as a replacement by a healthy diet and regular exercise? No, you cannot. Duromine should be used in the combination with drug-free methods to fight obesity, such as physical activity and a balanced diet. • How do I learn whether I can use Duromine for the obesity treatment or not?

Adipex 37.5mg FAQ

• What results can I achieve using Adipex 37.5mg? For 3 months of using Adipex 37.5mg diet pills, people can lose up to 15% of their body weight. Patients can only achieve maximum weight loss, if they use Adipex 37.5mg weight loss tablets in combination with regular physical exercises and a low-calorie diet. • Is

Duromine safety

Many obese people have no contraindications to Duromine drug. However, there are also groups of people for whom the potential risks of Duromine exceed health benefits. Beginning to take Duromine, an obese person should remember that conditions for Duromine withdrawal could arise just a few days after the start of anti-obesity therapy. Immediate cessation of

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