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Slim Fizz

Slim Fizz is effervescent tablets for weight loss that have become popular in the UK since July 2015. The first reviews about Slim Fizz were published in the British tabloid Daily Mail. Due to the publication of Slim Fizz review in the very popular tabloid, thousands of obese men and women learned about new Slim

Phentermine in sports

Besides success stories, Phentermine can cause frustration stories. Many cases of accidental or intentional use of Phentermine, because of which an athlete has problems in sports, are annually registered in the USA. One of the most resonance cases of “successful” Phentermine use occurred in 2007. NBA player Lindsey Benson Hunter, Jr. was disqualified for 10

Natural Phentermine

Thousands of obese people, who have contraindications to Phentermine, try to find a natural alternative to this anorexigenic drug. As a natural Phentermine substitute, over-the-counter dietary supplements containing OTC anorectic agents can be used. One of the most popular natural Phentermine substitutes is caffeine. Just as Phentermine, caffeine stimulates the central nervous system. Thus, caffeine

Liraglutide for weight loss

Liraglutide is an active pharmaceutical ingredient that has been used to produce injectable drugs since 2010. The first Liraglutide-containing drug was approved by the FDA in January 2010. At the US pharmacies, this drug is sold under the brand Victoza. For more than 5 years, Victoza (Liraglutide) injections are prescribed to improve glycemic control in

Fast weight loss

A lot of obese men and women dream of fast weight loss. However, because of objective and subjective reasons, not everyone manages to achieve a fast and sustained weight loss. Unfortunately, even expensive non-surgical cosmetic procedures cannot guarantee that obesity will not progress again after the fast weight loss. Therefore, planning a fast weight loss,

Fast intestinal cleansing

Adult human body contains a huge amount of slags and toxins accumulated in the internal organs for decades. Given the fact that most part of harmful substances enter the body with food, slags and toxins are accumulated mainly in the intestines and stomach. That is why cleansing the body of harmful substances should be started

Eat and slim

Few people know that there is no need to give up favorite foods for weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. Indeed, a key role in weight gain plays not the number of calories consumed, but the intensity of metabolism in the body. In order to be convinced of truthfulness of this statement, it is

Appetite control

For additional stimulus to lose weight, intake of high-calorie food should be limited. However, because of increased appetite, it is unlikely to cope with the painful feeling of hunger independently. Therefore, to increase appetite control, a daily diet should include high-energy, but low-calorie products that contain a large amount of plant fiber. First, a low-fat

Obesity risk factors

Modern society created a stereotype on that a sedentary life is the key problem of obesity. However, many experts draw our attention to the fact that the obesity rate has sharply increased over the last 30 years. Still, the levels of physical activity almost have not changed. Thus, the statement that the waist size increases

Duromine QA

• Can I use Duromine as a replacement by a healthy diet and regular exercise? No, you cannot. Duromine should be used in the combination with drug-free methods to fight obesity, such as physical activity and a balanced diet. • How do I learn whether I can use Duromine for the obesity treatment or not?

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