Diego Maradona stoned journalists as they hinted he was overweight

maradonnaDiego Maradona a famous ex-soccer player and now the coach of Argentina soccer team stoned journalists in Buenos Aires. Well, this happened when Maradona was in bad mood already.
According to “The Sun” newspaper, during the flight to Buenos Aires, one of the passengers of the airplane asked the air hostess to give some diet pills he had to Diego. Later, when they landed, the passenger approached the famous soccer player and his girlfriend to ask about his health and only worsened the situation.

According to witnesses, after this short conversation, ex-forward of Argentina national soccer team behaved aggressively and started a verbal battle with one of the paparazzi in the local airport.

After Maradona left the airport, some journalists followed him. He asked the driver to stop, got out of the car, picked some stones and started to throw them towards paparazzi.

Well, this incident wasn’t such a surprise for many, as we all know that Diego Maradona was not just a talented and famous soccer player, but also a hot-tempered man. For many years after he finished his soccer career and started coaching, the name Maradona was associated with scandals, drugs and alcohol abuse.

Thus, one of the most famous soccer scenes this Argentinian athlete participated in was in 1986, when Maradona scored goal with his hand against England national team on the World Championship. This was the “hand of God” – that’s what he said.