Cooking and cardiovascular diseases

Surprisingly, but according to recent research of scientists from Rush University Medical Center (Chicago), the more time we spend on kitchen cooking, the higher the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

CookingAlthough our parents taught us that homemade food was the best for our bodies, scientists found out that people the risk of various diseases is lower in people, who refused from a long-term cooking process. Especially people, who prefer eating at home and who suffer from excessive appetite. Doctor B. Appelhans conducted a study, revealing that the body state of people prone to hypertension gets better if they consume ready foods.

These are not just words there are actual numbers. The results of clinical study show that nearly 2.800 women aged between 42 and 52, who spend a lot of time at kitchen cooking, had a higher risk of metabolic syndrome, rather than those women who did not. The medical results were taken for the period of the last 14 years. The research was focused on women with obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, high lipid profile and high glucose in the blood plasma. At least one of these disorders indicated possible risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Chicago scientists suggest not to prescribe patients a long-term home cooking as a diet for any disease. However, they did not find a direct connection between health worsening and cooking food at home. But one thing it pretty obvious though – we should eat more fresh and little processed vegetables, fresh fruit, nuts and dairy, as well as boiled or quickly cooked meat to keep our bodies healthy.

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