Clobenzorex vs Orlistat

Clobenzorex and Orlistat are anti-obesity drugs that belong to different pharmaceutical groups. Orlistat drug is available in dozens countries of the world, while Clobenzorex is only sold in some countries of South, Central and North America.

Pharmacological groups

  • Orlistat – gastric lipase inhibitors
  • Clobenzorex – sympathomimetic amines

Mechanism of action

  • Clobenzorex stimulates the central nervous system, thereby reducing the appetite and increasing metabolism.
  • Orlistat inhibits the activity of gastric enzymes, thereby preventing the breakdown of dietary fat and absorption of fat in the gastrointestinal tract.

Potential risks

  • Clobenzorex may cause physical and psychological dependence, severe cardiovascular and cerebrovascular side effects.
  • Orlistat may cause severe cardiovascular side effects, vitamin D, E, K and beta-carotene deficiency, as well as cholelithiasis.

Duration use

  • Clobenzorex can be taken daily, one or two times a day, three months in a row. The duration use of Clobenzorex must not exceed four months per year.
  • Orlistat can be taken every day, one-three times a day within two years. If Orlistat stops providing a weight loss effect earlier than two years after the onset of treatment, doctor can replace it to alternative weight loss drug.


Orlistat contraindications list only includes several illnesses and body conditions. Therefore, Orlistat can be prescribed to almost every person suffering from obesity.

Clobenzorex has several dozens of contraindications for use. Considering the fact that Clobenzorex is contraindicated for patients with history of mental and cardiovascular illnesses, an overwhelming majority of overweight people cannot get the prescription for this weight loss drug.

Marketing status

  • You can buy Orlistat 60mg pills without prescription. Before buying Orlistat 120mg pills, you need to consult a pharmacist.

Clobenzorex 30mg and Clobenzorex 60mg diet pills are available by prescription only. To get the prescription for Clobenzorex pills, you need to undergo a medical examination.


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