Clobenzorex side effects

Most often Clobenzorex causes psychiatric side effects. A regular use of Clobenzorex diet pills can provoke dizziness, headache, insomnia, depression and psychosis.

Many patients taking Clobenzorex, notice dry mouth and constipation. Usually, these side effects occur at the initial stage of anti-obesity therapy and disappear in a couple of weeks after the beginning of Clobenzorex therapy.

In addition to psychiatric ad gastrointestinal side effects, Clobenzorex may cause cardiovascular adverse reactions, including such as chest pain, hypertension and tachycardia. In patients with history of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular pathologies, Clobenzorex may cause heart attack, heart failure or stroke.

Primary pulmonary hypertension and drug dependence are among the most dangerous side effects of Clobenzorex.

  • The main symptom of pulmonary hypertension is dyspnea that arises during heavy physical loads.
  • Drug dependence is diagnosed if reduction in daily dose or discontinuation of Clobenzorex causes abstinence syndrome.

Severe side effects may occur due to non-compliance with Clobenzorex dosage or use of Clobenzorex pills along with other drugs. For instance, a severe hypertensive crisis may occur after the use of Clobenzorex and MAO inhibitors.

Clobenzorex can affect the effectiveness and safety of other drugs, as well as other drugs can affect the pharmacological properties of Clobenzorex. Therefore, before starting the combined drug therapy, you need to estimate potential risks that may occur because of chemical, physical or therapeutic incompatibility of Clobenzorex with other group of drugs.

If you decide to buy Clobenzorex diet pills, but you are already using any drugs now, discuss with your therapist the possibility of conducting a combined drug therapy. You may learn key information on Clobenzorex drug interactions from one of our reviews.