Clobenzorex Review

Clobenzorex is anorexigenic drug approved for obesity treatment in Mexico and several countries in Central America. Clobenzorex tablets and capsules are prescribed for anti-obesity therapy in obese patients older than 12, whose BMI is 30 and higher.

People can buy at pharmacies Clobenzorex 30mg and Clobenzorex 60mg slimming pills. You can buy Clobenzorex pills under different trade names, such as Asenlix, Itravil AP, Obeclox, Redicres, Finedal, Itravil IFA, Benturex and Dinintel.

Clobenzorex pills are produced by Olon and Solmag pharmaceutical companies. Both these companies are a part of Italian pharmaceutical company – Fidia Farmaceutici. In addition, Clobenzorex pills are produced by IFA Celtics, Productos Medix and Laboratorios Nutrimedi.

International distributors of Clobenzorex pills are the following companies: Laboratorios Grimann, ComerPuebla, Investigacion Farmaceutica, Productos Medix and Laboratorios Columbia Comercial.

Mechanism of action

Clobenzorex is a psychostimulant that belongs to sympathomimetic amines pharmacological group. Stimulating some parts of the central nervous system (dopaminergic and noradrenergic) Clobenzorex reduces hunger and even improves metabolism.

Because of regular use of Clobenzorex, obese person does not feel excruciating hunger, and therefore can limit high-calorie food consumption on his own.

During the first 2-3 months of Clobenzorex use, a continuous decrease in body weight takes place. Later, the weight loss rate is slowed down and further use of Clobenzorex becomes pointless.

The maximum recommended duration use of Clobenzorex is 3 months. During this period, a patient should:

  • try to change his eating behavior
  • reduce the number of overeating episodes
  • learn to control caloric value and amount of food he eats

Mexico is the only North American country where Clobenzorex pills are available. In the USA, many other drugs for obesity treatment are sold. Just as Clobenzorex, these drugs are of sympathomimetic amines group, providing anorexigenic effect. The most popular sympathomimetic amine in the USA is Phentermine.

If you want to use Clobenzorex, but this anti-obesity drug is not available in your city, use some alternative appetite suppressants to fight obesity. If prescription anorexigenic drugs (like Clobenzorex and Phentermine) are contraindicated for you, discuss with your doctor the possibility to use over-the-counter weight loss pills.

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