Clobenzorex important information

Clobenzorex is a sympathomimetic amine, which can cause a primary pulmonary hypertension. In patients with BMI 30 and more, who take Clobenzorex for over three years in a row, the risk of pulmonary hypertension is much higher than in others.

One of the main symptoms of pulmonary hypertension is dyspnea. When dyspnea occurs, you should stop taking Clobenzorex tablets and tell the doctor about side effects.


Clobenzorex becomes ineffective in several months after you start taking it, as well as any other sympathomimetic amine. In some patients, Clobenzorex stops providing anorexigenic effects in a few weeks after the first dose was taken.

When Clobenzorex does not provide a significant decrease in appetite, but you must continue anti-obesity treatment, you can replace it by anti-obesity drug from other pharmacological group.

In most cases, with the development of tolerance to Clobenzorex anorexigenic effect, an overweight person cannot achieve a great anorexigenic effect by means of other sympathomimetic amines.


In a prolonged use of Clobenzorex tablets, drug dependence may arise. In fact, patients with history of drug or alcohol addiction are at highest risk of Clobenzorex abuse.

Rapid weight loss

Due to a rapid weight loss, there is a high risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events. Obese patients with history of cerebrovascular or cardiovascular diseases should control the weight loss rate every day and avoid a sharp change in body mass index.

Because of potential risks and great number of side effects, Clobenzorex weight loss tablets are sold by prescription only. If you want to buy Clobenzorex drug, but have never used it before, make sure that sympathomimetic amines are not contraindicated for you.


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