Childhood obesity in the UK

In 2013, the number of British children under 12 years old, suffering from overweight has increased by 12%.

Within the last three years, in England, Scotland and Wales there were registered 183 children under 11 years old whose body weight was over 100 kilograms. The heaviest child’s weight in the UK is 147 kg.

Herewith, the number of obese people of any age group in England has decreased, except for:

• Children under 16 years old
• Elderly over 65 years old

CHILDHOOD-OBESITYThe increased number of overweight children and elderly British may be caused by the fact that many slimming medicines are contraindicated for these age groups.

For instance, one prescription appetite suppressant called Ionamin (Phentermine) is contraindicated for children under 12 years old, while the prescription fat blocker called Beacita (Orlistat) is contraindicated to children under 16 years old. Other than that, Ionamin and Beacita slimming medicines are contraindicated for elderly people over 65 years old.

Today, about 26% of British people have excess weight problems, and obesity is called one of the main medical issues of the nation. According to prognosis of British doctors, over 50% of UK people will be suffering from obesity by 2050.

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