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Phentermine in sports

Besides success stories, Phentermine can cause frustration stories. Many cases of accidental or intentional use of Phentermine, because of which an athlete has problems in sports, are annually registered in the USA. One of the most resonance cases of “successful” Phentermine use occurred in 2007. NBA player Lindsey Benson Hunter, Jr. was disqualified for 10

Oliver Stone and Phentermine

Phentermine anorexigenic drug is mentioned in the news and life stories of American celebrities from time to time. Most often, Phentermine is found in the news, unfortunately in a negative context and only few times, Phentermine was mentioned as an essential part of a history of success. The most resonant case, associated with Phentermine and

Long-term benefits of Duromine use

Motivation to lose weight should be not only a desire to become more attractive, but also the desire to improve the overall health. After all, weight loss will help to maintain a good health both in the medium and in the long term. Duromine is one of the few drugs, which helps to reduce weight

Marathon vs childhood obesity

Race Across USA – that’s the name of new marathon, which not only aims at setting sports records, but also collecting some charity funds to fight against childhood obesity. According the marathon requirements, the participants should run the distance between California and Maryland during four months. The marathon organizers intend to raise money for Fund

Happy marriage leads to obesity

One of the Southern Methodist University employees – Andrea Meltzer believes that a successful marriage reduces the motivation of both spouses to maintain an attractive appearance. Due to the fact that loving spouses do not need to attract the attention of the opposite sex, they cease to watch their figure, irregularly visit the gym, periodically

“Golden slimming”

In Dubai, an original competition was conducted in 2013. Participants of this competition were offered to lose weight quickly and then to exchange each “lost kg” for pure gold. In the competition, about 10000 people took part, but just over 3000 of them reached the final. • Those, who managed to reduce their weight by

Diego Maradona stoned journalists as they hinted he was overweight

Diego Maradona a famous ex-soccer player and now the coach of Argentina soccer team stoned journalists in Buenos Aires. Well, this happened when Maradona was in bad mood already.   According to “The Sun” newspaper, during the flight to Buenos Aires, one of the passengers of the airplane asked the air hostess to give some

British scientists found a new weight loss recipe

Scientists from the University of Birmingham discovered that in order to get rid of extra weight and improve digestion, people should chew food for 30 seconds minimum. As the specialists claim, if you follow this simple rule, your desire to snack between the main meals will decrease at least twice. However, this experiment had its

Adipex and history of success

Many people try to lose weight by means of Adipex anorexigenic drug. But not many of them manage to succeed. To Adipex provides a quick and safe weight loss, people should follow some simple rules. You will find in this review two key tips, explaining how to lose weight successfully. Each of these tips will

Suprenza results

Suprenza is the only orally disintegrating tablets for weight management, available on the U.S. market in 2015. The mechanism of action of Suprenza is the same as that of other tablets and capsules, containing Phentermine anorexic agent. It is worthy of note that clinical trials of Suprenza have not been conducted. Having presented the data

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