Carbonated drinks and obesity

California may become the first state in the U.S., where warning inscriptions will appear on bottles with carbonated drinks. State Government is proposing to warn the potential consumers of carbonated drinks that these drinks may cause obesity, diabetes and caries.

Just as warning inscriptions on the cigarette packs, the inscriptions on plastic bottles and cans with sweet drinks can help California citizens to make the right choice.

The new law is not limited by warning inscriptions on the bottles only. California Government is making the law, which does not allow the fast food sellers to offer the purchasers unlimited amount of sweet drinks for a fixed price.

• If this law is signed, then sellers will have to add every glass and every bottle of a sugary drink into bills.

Naturally, the American Beverage Association led by the largest producers of sugary beverages (Pepsi-Cola, Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper) has protested against this law.

The Association claimed that an exact amount of calories is indicated on the bottle labels, so that a buyer can make the right choice. The Association representatives agree with the fact that obesity is a serious problem for the USA people. Nonetheless, they refute the allegation that the consumption of non-alcoholic drinks may cause obesity.

The California Medical Association representatives disagree with the American Beverage Association and claim that the consumption of just one can of a sweet carbonated drink increases the risk of obesity in both children (by 27%) and adults (by 55%).

Unfortunately, there is a great problem with marking of the products in the USA, and sugary drinks are no exception. The thing is that the manufacturers of foods and drinks worry that if people are warned what they actually eat and drink, the sales of cheap and high-calorie food can drop significantly.

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