British scientists found a new weight loss recipe

Scientists from the University of Birmingham discovered that in order to get rid of extra weight and improve digestion, people should chew food for 30 seconds minimum.

As the specialists claim, if you follow this simple rule, your desire to snack between the main meals will decrease at least twice. However, this experiment had its downside: the participants claimed that they did not enjoyed the food if they chewed it for that long.

Probably, this was caused by that this prolonged chewing process was just something they have not gotten used to. At least that is what the researchers thought. The other reason might be simply the loss of tastefulness of food while chewing for longer than we usually do.

Herewith, the scientists concluded that prolonged chewing of food at lunch helps people to avoid evening snacks before dinner. Besides, when you chew food slowly, it is digested better and you feel full after small meals.