Beneficial parking for obese people

British doctors believe that it is difficult and usually dangerous for obese people to walk on long distance. Therefore, the UK citizens suffering from obesity can use privileged parking places. Since overweight is considered a medical disease, obese people can park near the handicapped parking places.

badgeIn the medium term, pre-obese British people will also get the right to use a privileged parking. Today, to use beneficial parking, obese people have to undergo a medical test and get special permission (Blue Badge). To get the “Blue Badge” people must have medically confirmed diagnosis “obesity”.

Overweight people actually need help because usually they are very difficult to move. However, the provision of beneficial parking for obese people caused many disputes. Skeptics are concerned that scammers with normal weight will try to take advantage on beneficial parking.

Well, this skepticism towards privileged parking situation is explained by the fact that this idea can increase the costs of obese British taxpayers on the fight against obesity. Moreover, many British people are certain that the best solution to fight obesity is physical activity and a diet. Therefore, a small walk from parking to parking will be only for the best for obese person’s health.

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