Bad habits vs medical help

Obesity has reached enormous numbers today. The UK is among top 5 countries with the highest obesity index. According to recent data, the National Healthcare Organization of Devonshire decided to fight against obesity in its own way.

Bad habitsDue to limited budget (reduced funding), smokers and obese patients would be denied to conduct surgeries, until they quit smoking or lose about 5% of their extra weight. From now on, people who need an elective surgery, will have to stop smoking at least within 8 months and those who are overweight, will have to lose weight by 5% minimum. The exact number of national budget, spent on the struggle against smoking and obesity is 14.5 million of UK pounds.

Fair to say that this imitation refers to elective surgeries. Those people, who will need surgeries due to life-threatening factors, will get help immediately and urgent surgeries will be conducted as usual without any restrictions.

Of course, everybody is different and each medical case is individual, so if doctors determine a patient’s state as life-threatening medical condition, a surgery is conducted with no delays. On the other hand, this new system helps to stay within the budget using the restrictions described above.

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