Atrazine Review

Atrazine is a name of not only agricultural herbicide for weed control, but also a trade name of a drug for the obesity treatment. Atrazine brand is registered in South Korea and this brand is known since 2005.

The owner of Atrazine brand is Kwang Dong Pharmaceutical. This company manufactures oral tablets containing 35mg of anorexigenic agent Phendimetrazine.

White, round Atrazine (Phendimetrazine) 35mg tablets are supplied in pack of 90 pieces each.

Atrazine is one of the fourth weight loss products, which Kwang Dong company manufactures in 2015.

Besides RX Atrazine (Phendimetrazine) tablets, Kwang Dong manufactures:

  • RX Mazanor (Mazindol) 1mg tablets
  • OTC Slime (Green Tea and Orthosiphon) capsules
  • RX Adipex (Phentermine) 37.5mg capsules and tablets

Atrazine Review

All RX weight loss tablets and capsules by Kwang Dong are amphetamine-like drugs with pronounced anorexigenic effect.

In the USA, anti-obesity drugs containing amphetamine-like active substances Phendimetrazine, Phentermine and Mazindol are sold under the different trademarks.