Appetite control

For additional stimulus to lose weight, intake of high-calorie food should be limited. However, because of increased appetite, it is unlikely to cope with the painful feeling of hunger independently.

Therefore, to increase appetite control, a daily diet should include high-energy, but low-calorie products that contain a large amount of plant fiber.

  • First, a low-fat plant fiber is enriched with vitamins, minerals, and amino acid complexes that enhance satiety and reduce hunger.
  • Secondly, plant fiber is a source of nitrogenous compounds involved in the regulation of metabolism and contribute to the destruction of fat cells.

how-to-control-your-hungerAs an additional source of low-calorie energy, flax flour, pumpkin seed flour or sea buckthorn seed meal can be used that in comparison with other dietary products contain the greatest amount of soluble and insoluble fiber.

Socially active men and women have no possibility to take plant fiber flour before each main meal.

Therefore, those who have breakfast, lunch or dinner outside the home can substitute dietary flour or seed meal for dietary fiber in tablets (capsules).

Insoluble dietary fibers (e.g., microcrystalline cellulose) have the unique property to swell in the stomach, to increase the amount of food eaten, and thereby to create the illusion of fullness.

In addition, dietary fibers have a pronounced detoxification effect. Therefore, besides the enhancement of satiety, they prevent the absorption of toxins and slags in the intestine, thereby helping to maintain a normal metabolism in the body.