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Razin Review

Razin is a trade name of diet pills available on Israeli market of weight loss products. The original name of Razin pills in Hebrew – רזין. In the production of Razin diet drug, Phentermine anorexigenic agent is used. At Israeli pharmacies, people can buy Razin diet pills containing 15mg of active ingredient – Phentermine (in

Phentermine influence on making decisions

In 2015, a resident of Florida (the USA) purchased a two-storey house at auction and paid for it a little more than $100,000. The initial price of this house at auction was $290,000. Within a few days, this woman was sure that she bought two-storey house at very low price. However, in just a few

Saxenda side effects

Saxenda is a synthetic weight loss drug, which can cause a few types of side effects including gastrointestinal, cardiometabolic and psychiatric ones. About 10% of patients involved in clinical trials were forced to stop using Saxenda because of pronounced side effects. The most common reasons for Saxenda cancellation because of side effects were severe nausea,

Saxenda contraindications

The list of Saxenda contraindications includes just a few diseases and conditions. Saxenda slimming drug should not be prescribed to overweight and obese men and women with: • multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2 (MEN 2) • medullary thyroid cancer (MTC) or family history of MTC • allergy to anorexigenic agent – Liraglutide or inactive ingredients

Movement without pain

Regular physical loads are as important for weight loss as healthy diet and maintenance of normal metabolism. However, people predisposed to obesity face serious problem, which significantly restricts their physical activity. This problem is that joints experience excessive load because of extra pounds. Herewith, intensive physical loads aggravate joint problems. If there is no discomfort

Duromine effects on pregnancy

About 80% of pregnant women take medications that can cross the placenta and affect the fetal development. Some medications are prescribed during pregnancy to stimulate a normal fetal development. However, majority of medicines used during pregnancy are necessary to maintain the health of the pregnant woman. Medications that have a negative effect on the fetal

Obesity risk factors

Modern society created a stereotype on that a sedentary life is the key problem of obesity. However, many experts draw our attention to the fact that the obesity rate has sharply increased over the last 30 years. Still, the levels of physical activity almost have not changed. Thus, the statement that the waist size increases

Obesity and plastic surgery

In 2015, the research data demonstrated that obesity negatively affects the recovery period after plastic surgery. The study was to monitor patients who use liposuction or abdominoplasty for weight loss. The researchers concluded that more than 7% of obese patients have had some postoperative complications within 1 month after the plastic surgery. Herewith, more than

Duromine effects

Besides that Duromine diet pills suppress appetite, they can influence physiological systems, internal organs and mental health of the person. Reduced appetite, increase in thermogenesis and metabolism are therapeutic effects of Duromine that help significantly to lose weight in just a few weeks. Apart from therapeutic effects, Duromine can cause side effects including undesired impact

Duromine QA

• Can I use Duromine as a replacement by a healthy diet and regular exercise? No, you cannot. Duromine should be used in the combination with drug-free methods to fight obesity, such as physical activity and a balanced diet. • How do I learn whether I can use Duromine for the obesity treatment or not?

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