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Saxenda contraindications

The list of Saxenda contraindications includes just a few diseases and conditions. Saxenda slimming drug should not be prescribed to overweight and obese men and women with: • multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2 (MEN 2) • medullary thyroid cancer (MTC) or family history of MTC • allergy to anorexigenic agent – Liraglutide or inactive ingredients

Duromine effects on pregnancy

About 80% of pregnant women take medications that can cross the placenta and affect the fetal development. Some medications are prescribed during pregnancy to stimulate a normal fetal development. However, majority of medicines used during pregnancy are necessary to maintain the health of the pregnant woman. Medications that have a negative effect on the fetal

Duromine effects

Besides that Duromine diet pills suppress appetite, they can influence physiological systems, internal organs and mental health of the person. Reduced appetite, increase in thermogenesis and metabolism are therapeutic effects of Duromine that help significantly to lose weight in just a few weeks. Apart from therapeutic effects, Duromine can cause side effects including undesired impact

Obesity consequences for women’s health

Besides that obesity reduces social activity and quality of life, it may cause serious risk to human health. Overweight affects almost all systems, functions and vital organs. Therefore, during weight gain, the risk of several diseases increases. Obesity in men is as dangerous as in women. Herewith, excess weight can cause diseases and conditions in

Duromine and obesity treatment in children

Overweight children using Duromine need a regular medical supervision. The purpose of this supervision is to support the motivation to lose weight and to prevent obesity complications. In addition, the doctor’s supervision helps to reveal potentially dangerous side effects that Duromine may cause timely. Obese children with formed dietary stereotypes are better to use Duromine

Fast food in schools of Poland

In October 2014, a new law was passed restricting to sell fast food in school institutions of Poland. This law will come into force in 2015. • The reason this law was passed lies in the increased number of children suffering from obesity. • The main purpose of banning fast food in schools is prevention

Key principles of diet therapy in childhood

The main principle of diet therapy is to reduce the energy value of food and to achieve a negative energy balance. More optimal therapeutic nutrition for children and adolescents with obesity is to use classic hypocaloric diet. A balanced diet for children has practically no contraindications, and its duration is not limited. Standard diet for

Diet for overweight children

Therapeutic diet for obese children and teenagers must be maximally varied, including all the main food groups: • Meat and seafood • Fish and fish products • milk and dairy • eggs • fruit and vegetables • bread and bakery products • cereals, pasta and beans • dietary fat • sweets and confectionary (strictly limited)

Childhood obesity in the UK

In 2013, the number of British children under 12 years old, suffering from overweight has increased by 12%. Within the last three years, in England, Scotland and Wales there were registered 183 children under 11 years old whose body weight was over 100 kilograms. The heaviest child’s weight in the UK is 147 kg. Herewith,

Antibiotics and obesity

American scientists concluded that children under two years old are at high risk of obesity if they use antibiotics. The survey that was carried out between 2001 and 2013 revealed that 33% of children, taking potent medications, have suffered from overweight by four years of age. The new medical study has shown a close connection

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