Amfepramone in Italy

Weight loss drugs containing anorexigenic agent – Amfepramone were sold in almost all European countries including Italy. After the European Medicines Agency published information about the fact that benefits of Amfepramone use do not exceed potential risks, all weight loss drugs containing this active ingredient were withdrawn from the Italian market.

At Italian pharmacies, Amfepramone-containing drugs were sold under different trade names. Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco approved Tenuate Dospan and Linea Valeas drugs as an obesity treatment. Difference between these medications is in different dosage of Amfepramone anorexigenic agent.

  • The supplier of Tenuate Dospan tablets

Tenuate Dospan tablets that were sold in Italy contained 75mg of active ingredient Amfepramone. The Italian distributor of Tenuate Dospan 75mg tablets was Bruno Farmaceutici company.

This company supplied Tenuate Dospan in packs of 10 and 30 tablets at the Italian market of weight loss products. The current marketing status of Tenuate Dospan (Amfepramone) drug in Italy – discontinued (revocato).

Today (in 2015), Bruno Farmaceutici supplies at the Italian pharmaceutical market more than 20 different drugs, such as Baby Rinolo, Bonasol, Cepimex, Citropiperazina, Delipramil, Deltacortenesol, Equilid, Campral, Cinobac, Clomid, Deltacortene, Didrogyl, Fenextra, Fenkid, Glucophage, Idracal, Proxedox, Fleiderina, Icomb, Iquor, Neo Nevral, Spirofur.

  • The supplier of Linea Valeas tablets

Dosage of Amfepramone in a Linea Valeas tablet is 25mg. Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco granted a marketing license to Valeas S.p.A. company for Linea Valeas 25mg tablets.

Linea Valeas (Amfepramone) tablets by Valeas were sold in pack of 25 pieces each. The current marketing status of these weight loss tablets in Italy – discontinued (revocato).

Valeas stopped the sale of Linea Valeas (Amfepramone 25mg) tablets, but it remains one of the largest suppliers of prescription and nonprescription drugs at the Italian pharmaceutical market.

In 2015, At Italian pharmacies you can find more than 10 drugs by Valeas S.p.A., such as Breva, Broncovaleas, Biwind, Lunibron, Monores, Neoduplamox, Forbest, Lunis, Panacef, Pergidal, Plenaer, Quik, Rinocidina, Rinovagos, Turbinal, Valeans.

If you have previously taken Linea Valeas or Tenuate Dospan tablets but they are no longer sold in your home country, you can find Amfepramone-containing drugs on online pharmacies. One of the countries where Tenuate Dospan weight loss tablets are available in retail is the USA.


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