Amfepramone Review

Amfepramone Hydrochloride (Amfepramone) is a sympathomimetic agent used to produce oral dietary drugs. Generic name Amfepramone is most well known in European countries. In the USA, this sympathomimetic agent is better known under the name Diethylpropion Hydrochloride, and in Mexico – under the name Anfepramona.

Anfepramona stimulates the CNS and provides a powerful anorectic effect. Therefore, the use of drug containing appetite suppressant Amfepramone helps to adhere to low-fat diet and to reduce the frequency of food intake. Moreover, Amfepramone may promote the increase of metabolism.

At the international market of pharmaceutical products, diet drugs containing Amfepramone are sold under dozens of different trade names. You can find out from your treating physician or pharmacist the information under what trade names Amfepramone pills are sold in your region.

  • In Germany, one can buy diet pills containing 25mg, 60mg and 75mg of active ingredient Amfepramone. These diet pills are available in Germany under trade names Regenon, Regenon Retard and Tenuate Retard.
  • In France, one can buy diet pills containing 75mg of Amfepramone. These diet pills are available in France under trade names Anorex, Prefamone Chronules, Moderatan and Tenuate Dospan.
  • In Mexico, one can buy diet pills containing 25mg, 50mg and 75mg of active ingredient Amfepramone (Anfepramona). These diet pills are available in Mexico under trade names Neobes and Ifa-Norex.
  • In the USA, one can buy diet pills containing 25mg and 75mg of Amfepramone (Diethylpropion). These diet pills are available in the USA under generic name Diethylpropion Hydrochloride and original trade names Tenuate and Tenuate Dospan. In the second half of the 20th century, diet pills containing Amfepramone had been selling in the USA under trade names Tepanil and Tepanil Ten-Tab. –
  • In Brazil, one can buy diet pills containing 75mg of anorectic agent Amfepramone (Anfepramona). These diet pills are sold in Brazil pharmacies under trade name Dualid S.
  • In the UK and Australia Amfepramone pills are not sold.

In many other countries of the world, diet pills containing Amfepramone (Diethylpropion) are available under trade names: Dipion; Lineal-Rivo; Maruate; Lipomin; Atractil; Magrex; Modératan; Liposlim; Prothin; Linea-Valeas; Obesitex; Inibex S; Parabolin; Abulemin; Obesidyl; Adipan; Makethin; Reginon; Adipat; Rociamin-Plus; Adiposan; Menutil; Adiposon; Regim; Adipyn; Sacin; Agrassin; Sinapet; Alipid; Magrene; Temiran; Anfamon; Préfamon; Anora; Tenrex; Apisate; Zetasona; Bonumin; Tenucap; Brendalit; Vioxigras T; Camuate; Wehless; Cegramine; Ro-Diet; Control Gras; Tratobes; Danylen; Modulor; Delgamar; Natorexic; Delgamer; Novoredugras; Depletite; Obefenon; Derfon; Parvin; Detripon; Regibon; Diepropon; Silutin; Dietec; Slim-Plus; Dietil Retard; Ro-Diet Timed; Dimen; Propion; Diotabs; Tylinal; Dobesin; Obe-nix; Duramine; Ten-u-mast; Effilon; Nofem; Exipid; Novo Trof-ogen; Fagolip Plus; Novocaps; Fastium; Oxigras T; Fatinil; Redicres; Fluril A; Nudispoz; Frekentine; OBCT; Hipofagin S; Rociamin; Inoben; Super Emagrin; Keramik; Oxigras; Keramin; Novotabs; Nulobes.

If you want to use Amfepramone (Diethylpropion) pills for weight loss but they are not sold in your region, you can order their delivery on online pharmacy. Some online pharmacies provide their visitors the opportunity to buy Amfepramone without a prescription.

It should be noted that Amfepramone abuse could cause drug dependence and many other side effects. Therefore, before starting anti-obesity drug therapy, it is necessary to consult the doctor who can provide the information about dosage, side effects and all potential risks, associated with the use of appetite suppressant Amfepramone.

If you have decided to buy Amfepramone but have never ordered the delivery of diet drugs online, you have the possibility to get a pharmacist’s consultation of online pharmacy. You can buy Amfepramone online and get a pharmacist’s qualified consultation from any country in the world.

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