Amfepramone Manufacturers

Amfepramone is an international non-proprietary name of the pharmaceutical ingredient, which is a powerful appetite depressant. Amfepramone is used for the production of oral anti-obesity drugs, available for sale under dozens of different trade names. In some countries of the world (including the USA), active ingredient Amfepramone is better known under alternative generic name Diethylpropion.


Dozens of different pharmaceutical companies manufacture anti-obesity drugs containing Amfepramone (Diethylpropion). You can find out from your treating doctor or pharmacist the information about the manufacturers and distributors of Amfepramone drug in the region you live.

If you have decided to buy Amfepramone online but have never ordered a delivery of anti-obesity drugs no RX, please ask all questions you have by means of phone or email.

The list of manufacturers of anti-obesity drugs containing Amfepramone

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