Adipex pills

Obesity is a recurrent disease that requires a mandatory drug-free treatment. The key drug-free methods to fight obesity are balanced diet and regular physical exercises.

food-and-exerciseOnly if the diet and physical activity do not provide a significant weight loss, a drug helping to reduce body fat percentage can be prescribed. Moreover, anti-obesity therapy can be supplemented by psychotherapy sessions or special rehabilitation programs.

When obese patient needs an assistance in adherence to a hypocaloric diet, he is prescribed with appetite suppressant, such as Adipex. This drug contains anorexigenic agent Phentermine, which reduces appetite and increases the metabolic rate.

Before prescribing Adipex (Phentermine) pills, the doctor should analyze eating behavior of obese patient and make up an optimal diet plan. Daily calorie intake should depend on the level of physical activity.

The daily dose and frequency of using Adipex depend on the frequency of overeating and obesity severity.

• The maximum doses of Adipex are prescribed for those who overeat daily and those who have severe obesity.
• The minimal doses of Adipex are prescribed for people with overweight and those, whose episodes of binge eating occur rarely.

The maximum daily dose of Adipex 37.5mg can be taken as a single dose or divided into two intakes. Regardless of the size of daily dose, Adipex pills should be taken in the first half of the day, before main meal (before breakfast or before lunch).

Adipex pills can be taken daily for three months. In more prolonged use of Adipex pills, the risk of pulmonary hypertension, drug dependence and other long-term side effects increases.

Three-month course of anti-obesity therapy is considered successful if body weight decreases by at least 5% of the original weight after its end. Do not forget that the use of Adipex pills should be combined with drug-free methods of weight loss for achieving more success.

If you want to lose weight by means of Adipex, ask your doctor to prescribe you these diet pills. Before getting a prescription for Adipex pills, tell your doctor about all your diseases and pathologies. After medical examination and necessary tests, the doctor will prescribe you Adipex or will recommend using other diet pills to fight obesity.

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