Adipex in the USA

Three main pharmaceutical regions of the planet are the USA, Europe and Japanese. They accounts for approximately 80% of the global market of prescription and nonprescription drugs. In the medium term, these three regions will be the leaders at the global market of pharmaceutical products. However, their share at the market will be gradually reduced.

Tendency of the modern pharmaceutical market is a rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry in developing countries, such as Turkey, China, Brazil and India. These four countries account for more than 15% of the world pharmaceutical market.

The majority of pharmaceutical companies based in the developing countries specialize in the production and import of cheap generic versions of prescription drugs. The largest manufacturing country of cheap generic drugs is undoubtedly India.

About a half of generic drugs available at the global market is manufactured by the Indian pharmaceutical companies. Herewith, more and more Indian companies invest in the construction of pharmaceutical factories in the countries where pharmaceutical products are planned to be sold, or are already on sale.

Given that the US pharmaceutical market is one of the largest in the world, it is of great interest to Indian manufacturers of generic drugs.

In some segments of the US market, Indian pharmaceutical companies are represented weaker than in others. However, as the development of the Indian pharmaceutical industry, the number of Indian suppliers of generic drugs at the US market will grow.

Indian Phentermine generic in the USA

The suppliers of Phentermine diet pills at the U.S. market are more than 15 pharmaceutical companies. Only one of these companies has head office in India. The vast majority of the U.S. suppliers of Phentermine diet pills are the pharmaceutical companies based in the USA.

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, Inc. is the Indian company supplying Phentermine 37.5mg diet pills in the USA. These diet pills are generic versions of popular in the USA Adipex anti-obesity drug.

Owner of a marketing authorization for Phentermine in the USA is not only Sun Pharma, but also its subsidiary company, Mutual Pharmaceutical. In addition to Phentermine 37.5mg pills, Mutual supplies at the U.S. market Phentermine 30mg pills.

• Phentermine 37.5mg diet pills by Sun Pharma were approved by the FDA in October 2003
• Phentermine 30mg and 37.5mg pills by Mutual were approved by the FDA in August 2007

Besides Indian pharmaceutical companies – Sun Pharma and Mutual Pharma, the suppliers of Adipex generic drugs (Phentermine 37.5mg pills) in the USA are Teva, InvaGen Pharmaceuticals, KVK-TECH, Lannett, Aurolife Pharma, Barr Pharmaceuticals (a part of Teva), Elite Labs, Ken LifeScience, Mirror Pharmaceuticals, Vintage Pharmaceuticals (a part of Apax Partners).

Headquarters of most of these manufacturers and suppliers of Adipex generic are in the United States. The US inhabitants have the opportunity to buy Adipex generic by prescription only.

If online pharmacy provides you with the opportunity to order Adipex generic without a prescription, make sure that Phentermine psychostimulant can be delivered to the country you live before making the order.

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