ABL Pharma – manufacturer of Mesura (Sibutramine)

ABL Pharma manufactures slimming capsules Sibutramine 15mg. In Latin American countries, Sibutramine 15mg capsules are available under the trade mark – Mesura.

In 2015, Mesura (Sibutramine) pills are sold in Columbia and Peru. Complete trade name of these diet pills in Columbia is «Mesura-ABL». Blister packages containing 2 and 30 Mesura-ABL (Sibutramine) 10mg and 15mg pills are sold at Columbian pharmacies.

Mesura-ABL pills approved as weight loss in Columbia are manufactured by Laboratorios Andromaco company. In Columbia, marketing authorization for Mesura-ABL (Sibutramine) pills is valid until October 2017.

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