Abbott – manufacturer of Reductil (Sibutramine)

Abbott pharmaceutical company produces weight loss capsules – Sibutramine 10mg and 15mg. On the regional pharmaceutical markets, Sibutramine capsules by Abbott are available under the trademarks Reductil, Sibutral and Raductil.

Raductil brand was popular in Mexico, Cost Rica and Canada. Despite the fact that Raductil (Sibutramine) diet pills have never sold in the USA, some obese Americans know this drug and try to find it on online pharmacies.

In 2016, it is impossible to buy Raductil in any country of the world. After the withdrawal of Sibutramine-containing drugs from the European and North American markets, Abbott ceased the production of Raductil.

Therefore, in 2016, all proposal for wholesale or retail sale of Raductil (Sibutramine) medicine is a scam.

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